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The Overwhelming Scientific Consensus on Climate Change – and Why People Need to Know About It

The statistic that 97 percent of climate experts agree climate change is occurring and caused by humans has been widely cited. That statistic has just been reinforced by a new study, which finds once again that 97 percent of publishing climate scientists agree that humans are responsible for climate change.   In short, as this […]

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Consensus About Climate Change Among Weathercasters Nearly Unanimous

As severe storms, extreme temperatures, and other climate-related weather events grow more common, climate awareness among weathercasters continues to rise. A new survey from George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication found that 99 percent of U.S. weathercasters accept the existence of climate change (an increase of nearly 9 percent since May of last […]

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70% of Americans Believe the Climate Is Changing (But Disagree About the Cause)

With 2015 recently confirmed to be the second-hottest year on record for the U.S., more Americans are acknowledging the reality of climate change. A new poll from Monmouth University found that 70 percent of Americans believe the earth’s climate is changing. However, only 27 percent agree with the scientific consensus that the change is mostly caused by […]

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Getting People to Listen to Your Climate Message: 3 Tips from Communications Expert Ed Maibach

As we’ve mentioned in earlier posts, a growing majority of Americans (including conservatives) believe climate change is happening and that humans play a role. But what about those people who still either aren’t convinced, or think climate change is unrelated to human activity? With the right approach, it’s possible to engage that segment of the population […]

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Poll: 87% of Americans Want a President Who Understands Science

In recent months, many prominent politicians have tried to avoid taking a stand on climate change by saying, “I’m not a scientist.” That may be true, but if they hope to win votes, they had better get a reasonable grasp of the science that affects public policy. A new survey conducted by Research! America and […]

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What Twitter Can Teach Us About Climate Change Sentiment

The Twittersphere is a place for personal expression, where anyone can post, share, and respond to the things they care about. According to a new study that analyzed 1.5 million tweets, it’s also a great resource for spreading climate awareness. As this Pacific Standard article explains, Twitter conversations about climate tend to feature activists, rather […]

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Here’s Why More Than 56% of Congressional Republicans Deny Climate Change

With so much scientific evidence showing the causes and risks of climate change, why do so many politicians continue to deny that climate change is man-made? According to a new study by researchers at the University of Maryland and the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, the climate debate is largely fueled by “echo chambers,” where policymakers […]

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3 Ways Climate Denial Gets in the Way of Good Science

There is nearly unanimous consensus among climate scientists that climate change is happening and that human activity is the cause. Yet there is still widespread belief among Americans that climate change is under debate. One reason might be the media’s tendency to treat both sides of the question equally – a practice memorably skewered on […]

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Why Clear, Simple Messages Are the Key to Better Climate Understanding

The overwhelming majority of scientists believe that climate change is happening and caused by humans. However, many Americans remain unaware of that fact. Why is that? It might be that the term “overwhelming majority” is too vague. In a recent study by researchers at George Mason University, specific numbers (in this case, 97.5 percent) worked […]

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