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Majority of New Yorkers Link Sandy with Climate [New Poll]

Siena College conducted a poll amongst New York area residents to evaluate whether they believe that Super-storm Sandy was caused by climate change. 69% of voters connected the dots, while only 24% isolated the events. Skepticism remained strongest amongst the Republican party — with only 46% attributing the storms to climate change — compared to […]

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A horrendous hurricane season closing, and Americans (rightfully) fearing they will worsen

The 2012 hurricane season encompassed a total of 19 named storms in the Atlantic, recorded to be the third-highest level of storm activity since 1851. In the ABC News segment featured in this article, victims of Sandy were interviewed, and their demands for a plan to prevent future disasters are fierce. Heidi Cullen explains why […]

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Reconstruction from Sandy Could Usher Progress on Climate Change, But Only If We Take Immediate Action

In a segment on Democracy Now, Naomi Klein, the award-winning author of “The Shock Doctrine,” urges Americans to not let the multi-million-dollar disaster of Sandy fade away. Instead, she asks us to use this momentum to build opportunity for taking action against climate change and stop sea level rise. She urges Americans to shift our […]

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Seven Tasks for Connecting in a Murky Climate

Last week ecoAmerica‘s Meighen Speiser joined Cara Pike from Climate Access on a panel at the BECC conference. Together they spoke of salient and effective paths forward for climate communication that inspires action. In this article, Cara lays out 7 clear tasks for those facing the murky waters of climate communication to help translate it […]

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A rescue worker carries a young girl to safety from flood waters brought on by Hurricane Sandy in Little Ferry

Don’t Let Climate Urgency Fade Away With Sandy

Due to Sandy, the topic of climate has been getting media coverage recently, but in this article Amy Luers warns that as the disaster fades from the headlines, climate change concern may dissipate. To avoid this outcome, Luers suggests focusing on human hope and perseverance when reflecting on Sandy. We all want to leave a […]

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The Cost of Climate Change for Americans

The American Security Project released its new Climate Security Report stating the changing climate as one of the largest challenges to global security, and the United States must be ready for contingencies through strategic planning. Financially, estimates are saying Sandy caused $20 billion in insured losses and $50 billion in economic losses. At the moment, […]

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Want Support for Action on Climate? Start by Asking Americans to Prepare [Research]

by Meighen Speiser For most Americans, the connection between weather events and climate change has been vague — portrayed as an abstract, scientific issue with distant consequences. As visible impacts accelerate, climate change is increasingly our reality. Last week Americans experienced Sandy-induced flooding, power outages, business closures, and deaths. With science showing Sandy was exacerbated […]

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Time for Action, America

While Hurricane Sandy opens Americans’ eyes to climate change, climate skeptics are busy pointing fingers at the full moon for causation. Climate scientists predicted that there would be an increase in extreme weather patterns over the years, but they did not anticipate the frequency and extent to be this fast and immense. With yet another […]

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Sandy’s Power Reduces Skeptics’ Power

When NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making statements such as, “Anyone who say’s there’s not a dramatic change in weather patterns, I think, is denying reality” while addressing the public on Sandy, you can almost feel the shift in action on climate in America. Suddenly, instead of climate change being untouchable public topic, multiple leaders […]

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Good Morning, America. Sandy Is Our Harsh Wake-Up Call

With media outlets across the country covering Hurricane Sandy around the clock, so far little correlation has been made to its relationship with climate change. In this Democracy Now! video Bill McKibben, co-founder and director of 350.org, and Greg Jones, climate scientist and professor of Environmental Studies at Southern Oregon University, help map out that […]

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