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Just Don’t Mention Climate

Liberals have largely dominated the environmental sphere in recent years. But that may be changing, writes Nora Caplan-Bricker in a recent article in The New Republic. Conservatives across the country, from Ohio to Georgia, have started to put their energy behind sustainability and renewable energy solutions.   In Michigan, the recently-formed Michigan Conservative Energy Forum […]

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Only 3% of Youth Are Climate Deniers, Poll Says

A new poll by the League of Conservation Voters shows high levels of support for climate change action amongst young people, regardless of political persuasion.   Conducted July 8-10 with 600 respondents ages 18-34 who voted in the 2012 election, the poll showed climate change as an emergent and important issue amongst young people from […]

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Republicans Already Convinced, says George Mason/Yale Survey

George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communications’ new poll on the attitudes of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents came out yesterday, and results show that despite the much-discussed partisan divide, standard climate messages are making some significant non-partisan inroads. The GMU/Yale study found that the majority of Republicans think climate change is happening (52 percent), […]

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Majority of New Yorkers Link Sandy with Climate [New Poll]

Siena College conducted a poll amongst New York area residents to evaluate whether they believe that Super-storm Sandy was caused by climate change. 69% of voters connected the dots, while only 24% isolated the events. Skepticism remained strongest amongst the Republican party — with only 46% attributing the storms to climate change — compared to […]

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Sportsmen Prioritize Conservation Over Fossil Fuel Development [Poll]

In a poll conducted for the National Wildlife Federation, 2 out of 3 self-identified hunters and anglers said they believe that our society is morally obligated to confront climate change. Although the sportsmen polled had a mix of political affiliations that weighted on the conservative side (42% Republican, 32% Independent, 18% Democrat), a strong majority […]

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Young Republicans Striving to Gain their Party’s Support on Climate and Energy Reform

A group of young, climate-conscious conservatives have banned together under the title Young Conservatives for Energy Reform (YCER). Their strategy is worth monitoring as we all try to figure out the key to connecting with conservatives on climate. The group says they will not be pushing policy or talking science; their objective is to open […]

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Conservative Support for Climate

Some conservative leaders are taking steps to lead on climate solutions, and to encourage their fellow leaders and constituents to recognize how these solutions can align with conservative values. In the Climate Progress article, Joe Romm and Rebecca Leber discusses Bob Inglis’ new venture, the Energy and Enterprise Initiative. Republicans Tired Of Climate Change Deniers […]

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Declining American (or just Republican?) Support on Green Energy Policies

A new study released by Stanford shows that although a majority of Americans (63%) still support economic policies that support greener energy, that number has fallen almost 10 percentage points since 2010. Theories for this downward trend include: a decline of media coverage on climate change, growing economic concerns that monopolize priorities of Americans, and […]

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Republicans’ Trust In Biased Media Warps Perception on Climate Change

A new study confirmed the long-held belief Fox News is extremely biased against the scientific consensus on climate. Another finding, that Republicans are more influenced by cable news than Democrats, further explains the influence on denial. Climate truth communicators must strategize how to counteract the conservative cable news denial messaging.  Read the full article from […]

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Understanding GOP’s Mind: How They “Justify” Fossil Fuels

In this article, David Roberts provides an interesting theory on why conservatives support fossil fuels, and other current states of power. Roberts believes conservatives follow “system justification”: they defend the status quo (e.g use of fossil fuels) of power because they believe it was earned and deserves top command.  Read the full article from Grist […]

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