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Hillary Clinton

What Hillary Clinton’s Clean Energy Goals Could Mean for the Climate

According to the latest polls, voters want climate action and will expect their next president to address the issue head-on. Hillary Clinton clearly understands this, based on the aggressive clean energy goals she just announced. She wants the U.S. to get 33 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2027, and wants to see […]

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This Fourth of July, Celebrate Freedom From Fossil Fuels

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this weekend, let’s celebrate another type of freedom, one that’s spreading rapidly across the land: independence from fossil fuels. As the infographic below illustrates, the advance of clean energy in America is far surpassing expectations. Last year, wind and solar generated enough electricity to power 18.4 million homes.   […]

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9 Inspiring Signs of Progress on the Climate Change Front

More and more people seem to be recognizing the seriousness of climate change and the need for action. That’s good news – but to keep people inspired and motivated, it’s important to emphasize not only what can be done, but what’s already being done to address climate change. This Huffington Post article by Seth Shulman, […]

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Apple sustainability initiative

How the World Wildlife Fund Is Helping Apple Go Even Greener

Tech giant Apple already gets high marks for sustainability – Greenpeace’s 2015 Click Clean Report, released this week, named it the greenest tech company in the world. But Apple isn’t stopping there. As ClimateProgress reports, the company recently announced a new goal of getting 100 percent of the paper for its packaging from sustainably managed […]

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Community Choice Aggregation

How the Community Choice Model Is Accelerating the Shift to Clean Energy

Americans want clean energy – and while Congress has been slow to act, many communities are taking matters into their own hands. As this Guardian article reports, publicly-run programs called Community Choice Aggregation are giving states, cities, and counties across the nation the ability to choose where their energy comes from.   Here’s how it […]

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New Demographic Data Shines Light on American Climate Views

A fascinating set of maps newly released from Yale and Utah State University offer a unique perspective on American views on climate change – all the way down to the county level. Some of the findings are encouraging. For example, Americans in 99 percent of U.S. counties believe climate change is happening. Other news is […]

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Global Divestment Day

Divestment: How You Can Help Make Fossil Fuels a Thing of the Past

We’re all familiar with the concept of voting with your wallet – refusing to patronize an establishment or buy a brand whose business practices you find abhorrent. But there’s another approach that may be even more powerful: voting with your portfolio.   As clean energy becomes more affordable and oil prices continue to fall, more […]

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Harnessing the Wind

How Wind Power Transformed an Ohio Community (Video)

Clean energy doesn’t just protect the climate – it has the potential to save communities, too. That’s what happened in Ohio’s rural Van Wert County. In an area where just seven years ago farmers were struggling, factories were closing, and unemployment was high, now hundreds of wind turbines are creating jobs and big tax revenues […]

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Further Evidence that Good Climate Policy Works – and Grows the Economy

Here at ecoAmerica we emphasize climate solutions in a big way because our research (American Climate Values 2014) says it’s necessary for people to understand that solutions exist in order to engage them on the issue. The general media covers climate change mostly from a scientific debate and political conflict frame, so most people either […]

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Clean Energy Solutions Are Gaining Momentum

The arguments in favor of renewable energy like wind and solar keep getting stronger. As this Bloomberg article recently noted, solar power is expected to be as affordable or more affordable than standard electricity in 36 states by 2016. That gives households and business all the more reason to invest in solar. Wind power is […]

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