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Environment and Pope Francis :  Saint Peter's square in the Vatican on rainy day

Religious Groups Rally Pope Francis to Back Divestment

Multi-faith groups in the U.S. and Australia have submitted a letter to Pope Francis asking him to join the fossil fuel divestment campaign, according to an article published in The Guardian last week. The letter describes divestment as “a moral response to the climate crisis” and asks the Pope to “use his influence” to affect […]

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The Latest in Climate Engagement: A Carbon Fast for Lent

Many people give up things like chocolate or coffee for Lent. But carbon? That’s what the Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, the conference minister and president of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ, and 6,000 other participants across the country have agreed to as part of the Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast. According to […]

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Evangelical Christians Taking Lead on Climate Solutions

While some evangelicals perceive a conflict between faith and science, a growing number are starting to rally for climate solutions, according to a recent article in The Huffington Post. Many evangelical Christians are especially motivated by the fact that climate change will disproportionately affect the world’s most poor and vulnerable, or “the least of these,” […]

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How Faith Communities Are Changing the Climate Conversation

Climate change isn’t just about melting ice caps and stranded polar bears – it’s also an issue that will profoundly affect people. But climate change won’t impact all people equally – research indicates that it will likely hit the world’s most vulnerable communities the hardest. Moreover, those who will be hardest hit are often the […]

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President Obama's former church

Climate’s Newest Leaders: African-American Clergy

Three African-American clergy, including MomentUs Faith Leadership Council members Bishop Vashti McKenzie and Reverend Gerald Durley, recently spoke at a White House panel on climate change and climate impacts. But these three leaders’ presence at the panel is not an isolated event. Rather, it’s emblematic of a small but growing trend of African-American religious leaders […]

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Church of England Cites Morality in Climate Announcement

The Church of England announced last week that it would reconsider its financial investments in light of the impact they are having on global climate change, according to an official Church statement that was reported in a Climate Progress article. The Church manages around £5.2 billion, or $8.5 billion in investments, including investments in fossil […]

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Evangelical Leader Advocates Family Planning to Fight Climate Change

An evangelical that supports family planning as a means to help fight climate change? Believe it. Richard Cizik, a historical key leader of evangelical Christians, explains he changed his mind on the issues that right-winged evangelicals are normally against “because the evidence indicated that I needed to change my mind.” To persuade his fellow evangelicals […]

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Young Evangelicals Call for Climate Action

The Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA) group’s motivation to protect the climate is seeded in their religious values; they believe the Earth, God’s creation, should be protected. They also believe it is important to advocate for less fortunate people who are disproportionally susceptible to the negative affects of climate change. To achieve their goals, […]

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Preaching Climate Change

In support of last weekend’s National Preach-In on Global Warming, religious leaders across the country preached the word of climate change to their congregations. The message was also delivered through bulletin inserts about global warming, Valentine’s postcards for legislators, and a Preaching for the Planet DVD. Employing the church as a voice for climate is […]

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The Sermon on Climate Resonates With Evangelicals

A recent report released by the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) indicates that there does not have to be a separation of church and climate. The majority of evangelicals not only believe that climate change is real, but also they understand humans are accelerating its impact. Whether evangelicals read global warming reports released in the past […]

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