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New Poll: 70% of Americans Support Regulating Carbon Pollution From Power Plants

Polling results released Tuesday show that 70 percent of Americans support regulating carbon and other greenhouse gas pollution from power plants. The joint Washington Post – ABC News poll, which was recently featured in The Washington Post, found that 78 percent of Democrats, 69 percent of Independents, and 63 percent of Republicans say that the […]

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Climate Change: It’s All About the Framing

Poll after poll indicates that climate change is not a top priority for most Americans. Concerns over the economy, healthcare, and the deficit continue to occupy the top of Americans’ lists of priorities, while climate change remains at the near bottom. Yet if climate change were reframed in these polls — and in the larger […]

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Cutting Through Climate Ambivalence

This month’s Gallup climate poll reveals relatively low levels of concern about climate change. Yet the polls are also something communicators and advocates can learn from. In this recent Triple Pundit piece, Parsons the New School for Design Professor Raz Godelnik identifies four key takeaway lessons that can help move the country past ambivalence and […]

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Why Aren’t Americans More Concerned About Climate Change?

The last several weeks have seen a flurry of new polls and reports on climate change, most of them showing relatively low levels of concern among the American public. For whatever reason, most Americans don’t seem to make climate change a priority. But why is this the case? Gallup’s Editor-in-Chief, Frank Newport, has answers. In […]

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Connecting Climate and Economic Growth – New Research from Europe

80% of people in the European Union say that tackling climate change and using energy more efficiently will boost the economy and decrease unemployment, according to a new poll released last week. The Eurobarometer opinion poll, which was recently featured in a Climate Group blog post, also found that 70% of EU residents think that […]

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Why Are Latinos So Ahead of the Curve on Climate?

Recent polling indicates that Latinos in the United States tend to index far and above the general American population in their support for climate action. But what exactly is it about Latinos that makes them support action on climate in such high numbers? Javier Sierra sets out to answer that question in this recent Huffington […]

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New Poll: Americans Will Act on Climate, If Their Peers and Leaders Ask Them To

A new polling report released this month reveals that Americans are willing to take steps in their lives to take action on climate with just a little bit of nudging from those around them. The poll, jointly conducted by the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication and the Yale Project on Climate Change […]

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New Poll: 83% of Americans Support Action on Climate

New poll results released this week by the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University and the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication reveal that Americans are supportive of action on climate change and have clear opinions about who can and should take this action.   Here are a few of poll’s key […]

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Energy Trumps Climate in New Poll on Americans’ Priorities

A public opinion poll recently featured in the National Journal found that while climate change ranks relatively low on Americans’ policy priority lists, “dealing with the nation’s energy problem” ranks significantly higher. The poll, conducted in January by the Pew Research Center, found that 29 percent of respondents reported that climate change should be a […]

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New Poll: Nine in 10 Latinos Support Action on Climate

Nine in 10 Latino voters favor taking action on climate change, according to poll results released last week by the NRDC and the polling firm Latino Decisions. The poll, which was recently featured in this Climate Progress article, found that 75 percent of Latinos said that it was “very to extremely important” for the government […]

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