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Religious Conservatives and Climate Change: The Real Story

Conventional wisdom says that conservatives tend to be less accepting of climate change – and in many cases, the statistics bear this out. But there is often more to the picture than meets the eye. For example, a recent chart about religious affiliation and climate acceptance has been getting a lot of buzz. It shows […]

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Pope Francis

How Pope Francis’ Message on Climate Action Can Inspire the World

Faith leaders have enormous power to influence their congregations. A recent survey by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found that when clergy speak about climate change, their members are much more inclined to see it as a concern (62% vs. 39%). So the news that Pope Francis is planning to issue an edict urging […]

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PRRI Climate Survey

New PRRI Climate Survey Offers Insights into Faith and Climate Attitudes

On November 21st, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), in partnership with the American Academy of Religion (AAR), released the results of a 3,000-person national survey in a report entitled “Believers, Sympathizers, and Skeptics.” This is my second blog post examining this report. Whereas the first post focused on insights related to the general public, […]

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