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Using Social Science to Encourage Climate-Friendly Behavior

At ecoAmerica, we are strong believers in the value of psychographic, social science, and communications research in finding effective ways to engage people on climate issues. It appears President Obama shares this view. As this Scientific American article reports, he has requested that federal agencies use behavioral science insights to help increase participation in energy […]

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President Obama

Obama Stresses Urgent Need for Leadership on Climate Action

As the December climate conference in Paris draws nearer, supporters of climate action are both hopeful about the outcome and concerned that negotiations aren’t progressing fast enough. On his visit last week to Alaska’s Arctic regions, President Obama echoed those sentiments. Speaking at the Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic (GLACIER), he stressed that […]

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White House Summit on Climate and Health

Feeling the Heat at the White House Summit on Climate and Health

Although I’ve worked in Washington D.C. at the national level for years, a White House invitation still holds the thrill of scoring the quintessential “golden ticket.” While I refrained from broadcasting far and wide that my job would place me at the first-ever White House Summit on Climate and Health this last Tuesday, my kids […]

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blog-Floridians vulnerable-2.29.15-square

How Cutting Carbon Pollution Will Help Protect America’s Most Vulnerable Populations

In Obama’s Earth Day speech from Everglades National Park, he described how unique and precious that region is – and how vulnerable it is to climate threats. But as Dr. Cheryl L. Holder explains in this article, the Everglades aren’t the only precious resource at risk. Thousands of low-income residents are feeling the health impacts […]

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Florida Everglades

Making Climate Impacts Real: Obama’s Earth Day Speech From the Everglades

In many ways, Florida is on the front lines of the climate debate. As rising seas are causing flooding in Miami and threatening South Florida’s water supplies, officials at the Department of Environmental protection have reportedly been banned from using the term “climate change.” Senator Marco Rubio, now a presidential contender, has expressed doubt that […]

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Keystone XL

Why the Keystone XL Veto Is Such a Huge Victory for Climate Advocates

Yesterday, President Obama took the historic step of vetoing legislation that would have approved the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. This is important news for many reasons: it reinforces the President’s commitment to clean energy and his support of climate science. It shows his ability to resist a powerful lobby, and stand up for the health […]

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Nicole Hernandez Hammer

Why a Latina Climate Scientist Was Invited to the State of the Union Address

Climate change was a major theme of President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Just how serious is the administration about climate issues? One of the First Lady’s special guests was climate scientist Nicole Hernandez Hammer, a Guatemalan immigrant and current resident of Florida who specializes in sea level rise.   As […]

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7 Climate Success Stories to Be Thankful For

This is the time of year to think about what we’re grateful for, and at ecoAmerica, we have so many people and organizations to thank for their leadership and inspiration on climate issues. Here are 7 success stories that stand out for us, but we appreciate all the efforts, large and small, that made this […]

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Energy Trumps Climate in New Poll on Americans’ Priorities

A public opinion poll recently featured in the National Journal found that while climate change ranks relatively low on Americans’ policy priority lists, “dealing with the nation’s energy problem” ranks significantly higher. The poll, conducted in January by the Pew Research Center, found that 29 percent of respondents reported that climate change should be a […]

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Obama’s pastor on finding God in the White House

As a part of its Faith Sector leadership, MomentUs is honored to have the Rev. Joshua DuBois, the architect of the White House Office of Faith Based Partnerships and President Obama’s personal spiritual advisor. This month, HarperOne is publishing a compendium of The President’s Devotional, daily devotionals that Rev. DuBois put together for the President, […]

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