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Debunking 7 Arguments Against Climate Action

The growth in support for clean energy is making fossil fuel interests nervous. The Koch brothers are reportedly planning to spend some $900 million on the 2016 election, pushing an agenda that would roll back renewable energy standards. This Huffington Post article, which features sustainability expert and America Knows How leader Andrew Winston, explains why […]

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Looking Back on a Huge Week for Climate Progress

Last week was a very eventful and important one for ecoAmerica and the climate movement.   It started off on Sunday, September 20, with the Climate Health Summit in Washington, D.C. This event, held by Climate for Health, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and a number of other prominent health organizations, brought together climate and health leaders […]

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What to Watch For During Climate Week

The seventh Climate Week NYC kicks off today – and on this most important of years for climate action, it promises a full agenda of exciting and inspiring events. From summits to debates to hackathons, Climate Week NYC provides an international platform for leaders and innovators from all sectors to work together towards a low-carbon […]

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Pope Francis

How Pope Francis Can Use His U.S. Visit to Promote Climate Action

In his June encyclical, Pope Francis made it clear that he believes climate change is a serious social and environmental crisis. As a trained scientist, he is fully aware that climate change is caused by human activity, and as a faith leader, he emphasizes that it is our moral obligation to fight it.   On […]

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Rev. Brian McLaren

Join Us By Adding Your “Amen” To Pope Francis’ Call for Climate Action

A faith leader colleague recently asked me why, with so much already going on in the faith community, we need to take advantage of this time when Pope Francis is in the U.S. to amplify faith voices speaking out on climate change.   She has been a faithful climate leader for many years, one of […]

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60 Mayors Meet at Vatican to Discuss Climate Change

How Pope Francis Increased the Spotlight on Local Climate Leadership

A delegation of U.S. mayors and other elected leaders visited the Vatican on July 22 for an audience with Pope Francis. A part of a contingent of 60 worldwide leaders, the mayors of New Orleans, New York, Minneapolis, Boston, Portland, San Francisco, Boston, and others attended a conference hosted by the Pope, where they were […]

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Vatican Pope

Discover the Secrets of Better Climate Communication (Video)

Effective climate communication is no different than other types of communication – if you want to engage, use images and stories, rather than facts and statistics. As Think Progress points out here, this strategy was very much in evidence at the recent White House Summit on Climate and Health. The climate communications panel at the […]

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Is Climate Skepticism on the Way Out?

As the international climate summit in Paris grows ever nearer, social and political support for climate solutions continues to mount – and climate denial is going the way of the dodo. As this Guardian article explains, there are three main reasons for this shift.   1) People are seeing evidence of climate change with their […]

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Pope Francis Meets With 60 Mayors From Around the World to Urge Climate Action

Pope Francis’ recent encyclical about climate change took the world by storm – but he’s not stopping there. This week, the Vatican hosted some 60 mayors from around the globe, who gathered to pledge their commitment to fighting climate change. As this New York Times article reports, in organizing this meeting, the Pope hopes to galvanize […]

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How the Pope’s Climate Message Is Inspiring Los Angeles Latinos to Take Action

Pope Francis’ encyclical about climate change resonated with people of every religion and ethnic background – but it may have made a particularly strong impression on Latinos. Not only are many Latinos devout Catholics, but Latino populations also tend to be more vulnerable to climate change. As this Yes! Magazine article reports, pollution disproportionately impacts […]

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