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How to Dramatically Increase Support for Climate Solutions

We feature a lot of polls on this blog – they provide valuable insights into public opinions about climate change. But it’s important to remember that poll results can vary, even when the polls cover similar topics. The reason? How a person answers a question depends a lot on how the question is phrased.   […]

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What Do Americans Really Think About Climate Change?

Making sense of polling data is rarely easy. Many different organizations, from survey groups to NGOs to news outlets to academic institutions conduct public opinion polls, each with their own survey samples, wording and methodology. With all of these different factors, it can be hard to ascertain out exactly what Americans think about public policy issues […]

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Cutting Through Climate Ambivalence

This month’s Gallup climate poll reveals relatively low levels of concern about climate change. Yet the polls are also something communicators and advocates can learn from. In this recent Triple Pundit piece, Parsons the New School for Design Professor Raz Godelnik identifies four key takeaway lessons that can help move the country past ambivalence and […]

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Why Are Latinos So Ahead of the Curve on Climate?

Recent polling indicates that Latinos in the United States tend to index far and above the general American population in their support for climate action. But what exactly is it about Latinos that makes them support action on climate in such high numbers? Javier Sierra sets out to answer that question in this recent Huffington […]

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Only 3% of Youth Are Climate Deniers, Poll Says

A new poll by the League of Conservation Voters shows high levels of support for climate change action amongst young people, regardless of political persuasion.   Conducted July 8-10 with 600 respondents ages 18-34 who voted in the 2012 election, the poll showed climate change as an emergent and important issue amongst young people from […]

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Republicans Already Convinced, says George Mason/Yale Survey

George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communications’ new poll on the attitudes of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents came out yesterday, and results show that despite the much-discussed partisan divide, standard climate messages are making some significant non-partisan inroads. The GMU/Yale study found that the majority of Republicans think climate change is happening (52 percent), […]

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Americans say ‘no’ to electrics despite high gas prices

This USA Today article says that, based on a recent Gallup poll, 57% Americans are resistant to buying electric cars, but the question asked in the poll — “How high would gas prices need to rise before you would buy an electric car that you could only drive a limited number of miles at one […]

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Pew: 71% of Americans say “This country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment.”

In this Climate Progress post, Joe Romm points out an optimistic finding in one of Pew's latest polls (survey Feb. – April 2011): 71% of Americans believe “This country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment.” Conversely, a Gallup poll (survey March 2011), included in ecoAmerica's  Trends in America's Climate & Environmental Attitudes […]

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