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Heavy snow in Buffalo

Political Affiliation Affects How People Perceive Extreme Weather

Weather events like unseasonably warm days or epic snowstorms should be a convincing argument for climate change. But according to a new study in Nature Climate Change, how people perceive the weather has a lot to do with their political beliefs. Respondents were polled in March 2012, just after an unusually warm winter. As outlined […]

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Why Information Isn’t Enough to Solve Climate Change

For some time, climate communicators have focused on giving people the facts about climate change. If people just understood the science behind climate change, the logic goes, then they would surely support solutions to address the problem. But the story is actually much more complicated, says a recent article in The New York Times. People […]

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Why Fathers Should Care About Climate Change

Climate change in the United States is tightly linked to political identity: Republicans are not supposed to be (and in large part are not) concerned about climate change, whereas Democrats are supposed to be (and in large part are) concerned about climate change. The concept of identity thus acts as a powerful force in driving […]

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