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Using Infographics to Communicate Climate Change

Despite what rumor will tell you, January wasn’t all frigid temperatures and polar vortexes. In fact, this January brought a mix of weather all over the world – extreme lows in some areas, extreme highs in others. Some regions received below-average precipitation, others had above-average precipitation. What was common across all regions, however, was extreme […]

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Alter Nordfriedhof

How to Talk About Climate, Even When It’s Cold

This season’s polar vortex and cold snaps have left some climate communicators reeling. How are you supposed to convince people of climate change when it’s colder than most people remember it ever being, let alone convince them the issue demands action? Even more daunting is the fact that we’re psychologically wired to make judgments based […]

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01.27.14 BrainClimateJudgments_Square

How Cold Weather Impairs Our Climate Change Judgments

Psychologists have known for some time that people are more likely to accept climate change on hot days than cold ones. But new research published in the journal Nature Climate Change and featured in this Discovery News article helps to uncover the psychological mechanisms at play. Part of what’s going on, the research suggests, is […]

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Fox News Only Covers Climate When It’s Cold

A Media Matters analysis recently featured in Salon reveals that Fox News’ climate coverage is heavily driven by weather patterns. In other words, Fox only covers climate when it’s cold. According to the analysis, Fox covered climate change nine times during the polar vortex cold spell between Jan. 2 and Jan. 8 of this year, […]

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