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2012 Hottest Year On Record, But Has American Support Warmed?

NOAA recently announced that 2012 marked the hottest temperatures in more than a century of record-keeping in the U.S. Research indicates that temperature rise and weather change have led to an increase in awareness and motivation by Americans to address climate change, and this could mean an increase in public action. On the other hand, […]

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Climate Inaction: Humanity’s Largest Mistake

From dust bowls to direct health impacts, new data indicates many negative consequences of climate change on Americans that will continue to worsen in the coming decades if we do not dramatically reduce our rate of greenhouse gas emissions. Continuing business as usual, leading to a 132% increase in emissions by 2050, may be humanity’s […]

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Engaging the Public on Climate [VIDEO]

NOAA’s recent posting of a video short course and lecture series on climate change included a lecture by Matthew Nisbet titled Climate Change Communication: Focusing on Public Engagement. In the video, Nisbet discusses public perception and understanding on climate, why the discourse on the issue has gone off-track, and how the climate message can better […]

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Time to Stop Talking Around the Big Guy

by ecoAmerica’s Special Projects Director Judy Mills  It’s time we call journalists and editors on their atmospheric omissions.  Tuesday’s New York Times editorial entitled “A Storm Out of Season” talked about the pre-Halloween snowstorm that “astonished” the Northeastern United States with record early snowfall, leaving millions without power and at least nine people dead.  “Storms […]

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What Happened to Freedom of Information in America?

by ecoAmerica’s Special Projects Director Judy Mills  I want to file a Freedom of Information Act request on behalf of the American people so they can get the facts they need and deserve about climate change.  Except, wait, that information is already on open offer from federal agencies like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]

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OK, climate sceptics: here’s the raw data you wanted

To dispel climate skeptics’ theories of inaccuracy that led to “climategate” and remove a barrier of inaction by the public on climate, Climatic Research Unit (CRU) has released the raw data for temperature records going back 150 years around the world to the public. Research partners like NOAA warn that this release could harm future […]

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A 'Bulge' in Atmospheric Pressure Gives Us a Super-Cold Winter Amid Global Warming

A ‘Bulge’ in Atmospheric Pressure Gives Us a Super-Cold Winter Amid Global Warming

In this article by Christa Marshall and Tiffany Stacker, they reiterate how, contradictory to the popular belief that global warming only leads to warmer weather,  this cold wave in the United States and United Kingdom is most likely a partial result of melting sea ice in the Arctic, and our changing climate is causing both […]

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