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How Extreme Weather, Health, and Communities Connect

Richard Jackson, MD, MPH, is a Professor at the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles. A pediatrician, he has served in many leadership positions in both environmental health and infectious disease with the California Health Department, including the highest as the State Health Officer. For nine years he was […]

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New Study: Natural Disasters Play A Significant Role in Americans’ Climate Opinions

A new study featured in Business Wire reveals that 57 percent of Americans cite natural disasters as being highly influential in shaping their climate opinions. The study, conducted by business communications firm Gibbs & Soell, also found that water scarcity is increasingly on Americans’ minds. Just under half of Americans say they’re more concerned about […]

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Want to Make a Case For Climate Solutions? Try Talking Insurance.

Most people don’t think twice about buying insurance for life’s unexpected catastrophes: health emergencies, house fires, car accidents, plane crashes. What people don’t think about, however, is buying insurance against climate change. As Duke Professor Emeritus Allen Frances writes in this recent Huffington Post column, that needs to change.   Sure, scientists haven’t been able […]

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Time for Action, America

While Hurricane Sandy opens Americans’ eyes to climate change, climate skeptics are busy pointing fingers at the full moon for causation. Climate scientists predicted that there would be an increase in extreme weather patterns over the years, but they did not anticipate the frequency and extent to be this fast and immense. With yet another […]

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Recent Poll Indicates Natural Disasters are Shifting Belief

A nationwide poll conducted earlier this month by the University of Texas found American belief in climate change has increased 5% since March 2012, totaling 70%. As seen in other recent reports, the findings suggest that observations of current weather patterns are proving to be the largest explanations for shifting views on climate change. For […]

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Gulf Oil Spill

Mental Health Repercussions of Environmental Disasters

This article on the psychology of those affected by the BP oil spill points out that the rig explosion was not only damaging to the Gulf, but has also significantly affected the mental health of the people in the Gulf Coast. Over 50% of the people that signed up for the mental health program have […]

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Survey: Religious blame climate change - not sin - for natural disasters

Survey: Religious blame climate change – not sin – for natural disasters

This Denver Post article reports on a recent survey by the Public Religion Research Institute that found "Americans have more natural than supernatural views of disasters." 70% of Americans have a personal relationship with God, but 58% of Americans think the "severity of recent natural evidence is evidence of global climate change," while only 38% […]

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