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A horrendous hurricane season closing, and Americans (rightfully) fearing they will worsen

The 2012 hurricane season encompassed a total of 19 named storms in the Atlantic, recorded to be the third-highest level of storm activity since 1851. In the ABC News segment featured in this article, victims of Sandy were interviewed, and their demands for a plan to prevent future disasters are fierce. Heidi Cullen explains why […]

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Reconstruction from Sandy Could Usher Progress on Climate Change, But Only If We Take Immediate Action

In a segment on Democracy Now, Naomi Klein, the award-winning author of “The Shock Doctrine,” urges Americans to not let the multi-million-dollar disaster of Sandy fade away. Instead, she asks us to use this momentum to build opportunity for taking action against climate change and stop sea level rise. She urges Americans to shift our […]

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I Know Not What Course Others May Take

by Meighen Speiser   I was recently sent a link to watch Naomi Klein on Democracy Now, discussing climate deniers and the partisan debate created around climate.   While her words and thoughts are not new to us ecoAmericans, nor those in the movement that have partnered with us, the interview stirred me.    I became […]

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