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Evangelical Christians Taking Lead on Climate Solutions

While some evangelicals perceive a conflict between faith and science, a growing number are starting to rally for climate solutions, according to a recent article in The Huffington Post. Many evangelical Christians are especially motivated by the fact that climate change will disproportionately affect the world’s most poor and vulnerable, or “the least of these,” […]

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How Faith Communities Are Changing the Climate Conversation

Climate change isn’t just about melting ice caps and stranded polar bears – it’s also an issue that will profoundly affect people. But climate change won’t impact all people equally – research indicates that it will likely hit the world’s most vulnerable communities the hardest. Moreover, those who will be hardest hit are often the […]

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Sin and climate change denial – a theological exploration

In this Washington Post piece, Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, the former president of Chicago Theological Seminary, discusses climate change in theological terms: specifically, whether humans bear moral responsibility for extreme weather.   She explores the many aspects of sin in context of human responsibility, focusing on carbon pollution and climate change denial. Thistlethwaite also covers […]

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The Moral Arguments for Action: Who is Using them, and How?

While there is much study of the efficacy of ethical arguments for taking action on climate change, there is less known about who is using them, and how. In a recent study, the National Climate Ethics Campaign and the Resource Innovation Group looked at 135 organizations, both religious and secular, that rely primarily or partially […]

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Evangelical Leader Advocates Family Planning to Fight Climate Change

An evangelical that supports family planning as a means to help fight climate change? Believe it. Richard Cizik, a historical key leader of evangelical Christians, explains he changed his mind on the issues that right-winged evangelicals are normally against “because the evidence indicated that I needed to change my mind.” To persuade his fellow evangelicals […]

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