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Our Moral Obligation – The Duty to Warn, and to Act

I am a doctor. A psychiatrist. Over the years I have seen some of the darkest parts of the human condition.   I have worked with individuals who “live on the ledge” emotionally. I have worked with people who fantasize about killing people, and some who have. I have listened to people recount being tortured, […]

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Why a Growing Number of Evangelicals Are Supporting Climate Solutions

Climate-conscious evangelical Christians held a series of events last week in North Carolina, voicing their firm support for climate action. Attendees recognized the role of humans in damaging the climate, and expressed their belief that “we are only stewards or trustees of God’s creation, and we aren’t to abuse or neglect it.”   Evangelical Christians […]

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The Link Between the Zika Virus and Climate Justice

As carbon emissions cause global temperatures to rise, health professionals have noticed a spread in mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus. In northern parts of the United States, cool weather has traditionally caused mosquito activity to stop during the winter months. But as winters grow warmer, these natural barriers are going away.   Now, a […]

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Why Climate Action Will Help Create a More Equitable World

Last year, faith leaders from Pope Francis to the Dalai Lama pointed out that climate change affects the poor and vulnerable most acutely – and it’s our moral obligation to come to the aid of those who are suffering through little fault of their own.   A new study by researchers at the University of […]

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How Moral Conviction Could Make the Difference at the Paris Climate Talks

Today, the UN Climate Conference begins in Paris. Stakes are high, as are the hopes of everyone who believes this is our best chance to protect our future. But will these talks be able to succeed where others have failed? Climate scientist, evangelical Christian, and MomentUs leader Katharine Hayhoe believes this time is different – […]

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Faith-Based Shareholders Call on Exxon to Address Climate Change on Moral Grounds

From Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama to the Episcopal Church, religious leaders have been speaking out on the moral obligation to fight climate change. Now, a group of faith-based investors are filing a resolution asking Exxon to take urgent action on climate change as a matter of conscience. This resolution is the first of […]

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How Pope Francis Can Use His U.S. Visit to Promote Climate Action

In his June encyclical, Pope Francis made it clear that he believes climate change is a serious social and environmental crisis. As a trained scientist, he is fully aware that climate change is caused by human activity, and as a faith leader, he emphasizes that it is our moral obligation to fight it.   On […]

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