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America the Polarized: How to Find Common Ground on Climate Change

Climate change affects us all – yet most Americans rarely bring it up. Part of the reason for this is that they don’t hear it being talked about, either by their friends and family or by the media. They won’t hear about it much in political debates, either, unless the candidates raise the topic themselves. […]

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Fossil Fuel Divestment

The New Climate Narrative: Framing Climate Action as a Matter of Conscience

Of all the arguments for addressing climate change, the moral argument may be the most powerful of all – and it’s getting louder by the day. From universities to health institutions to the Vatican, voices are crying out for action to protect the most vulnerable among us from climate impacts. And last week, the Church […]

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Jim and Kara Ball

Our Moral Moment: Recognizing the Importance of Creation Care

I met my husband Jim 15 years ago this June at a Christian rock festival in rural western Pennsylvania. Neither of us had gone for the music – Jim was there staffing the table for his organization, Evangelical Environmental Network, and I had been asked to chaperone a group of teens. Nonetheless, the concert was […]

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