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Increasing Moral Engagement on Climate Change

As we pointed out in a recent post, the majority of Americans feel a moral obligation to fight climate change. But there still remains a partisan gap in moral engagement: conservatives are less likely to view environmental issues in moral terms than liberals.   This shouldn’t be construed to mean conservatives don’t care about the […]

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fossil fuel divestment

The Public Health Argument for Fossil Fuel Divestment

There are two primary reasons to divest from fossil fuels: they’re less and less profitable, and they cause more and more harm. The heath impacts of climate change are already clear – doctors around the world are noticing higher rates of asthma, allergies, vector-borne diseases, and certain types of cancer due to increased temperatures and […]

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Katharine Hayhoe

Turning Moral Beliefs into Meaningful Climate Action

As climate communicators, it’s vital to frame our message in a way that appeals to the values and identities of our audience. Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist who is also an evangelical Christian, knows this very well.   As she says in this Guernica interview, religion and science don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but […]

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Moral Movement

The Moral Arguments for Action: Who is Using them, and How?

While there is much study of the efficacy of ethical arguments for taking action on climate change, there is less known about who is using them, and how. In a recent study, the National Climate Ethics Campaign and the Resource Innovation Group looked at 135 organizations, both religious and secular, that rely primarily or partially […]

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