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73% of Millennial Voters Want a Clean-Energy Candidate

Whether you’re a marketer or a politician, Millennials (those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s) are a highly desirable demographic. Those seeking office should take note of a new poll by Hart Research, which found that an overwhelming majority of Millennials in key swing states favor a candidate who wants to power […]

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Millennials and Climate Change: Closing the Gap Between Attitudes and Actions

Millennials have given the climate movement a lot to feel optimistic about. According to studies, millennials are more likely to seek out eco-friendly products and support environmentally responsible companies than the overall population. The majority believe that climate change is occurring and is caused by humans, and they are highly in favor of climate solutions […]

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How to Tell a More Compelling Sustainability Story

As more companies embrace sustainable business practices as both smart and ethical, they are sharing their efforts and touting their accomplishments – and rightfully so. It’s important for consumers to know that companies are tackling social and environmental issues – in fact, as this article in the Guardian points out, 83% of millennials want companies […]

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Inspiring Millennials on Sustainability: It’s All in the Presentation

If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, you’ve probably wrapped a lot of packages in the last few weeks. And you most likely spent some time choosing the right paper and ribbons to make the package look its best. If a gift is carefully wrapped, isn’t the recipient more excited to open it?   Packaging matters. […]

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How to Engage Millennials on Climate Change

It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a marketing strategy or a research report on climate change, putting yourself in the shoes of your audience and understanding their perspective is a critical part of the process. Only if you can think like, feel like and behave like your audience, will you be able to communicate […]

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Millennials: Climate-Friendly, But Definitely Not ‘Environmentalists’

Recent trends show that millennials will form a key part of climate solutions in the United States. They’re more likely to live in cities, more interested in multi-modal, low-carbon transportation, and tend to eat less meat. But millennials are also less likely to call themselves environmentalists, explains a recent story from NPR. The reason? The […]

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Cause Marketing Appeal: 83% of Americans Wish Brand Would Support Causes

A recently released Cone Cause-Evolution Study reports a staggering 83% of Americans, a figure that has doubled since 1993, say they want brands to support causes. For marketers, it offers a clear path for improving brand affinity. Additional stats on cause marketing growth are below and for more information on how to decide what cause […]

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