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U.S. Military Report: Uncertainty ‘Cannot Be an Excuse for Delaying Action’ on Climate

It’s no secret that the military has climate change on its radar. But a new report released Monday indicates that the Department of Defense is doubling down on its strategies and plans to respond to climate change. The report, which was recently featured in Newsweek, lays out a comprehensive roadmap that identifies how climate change will affect military […]

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What the Military Can Teach Us About Climate Communication

A new Pentagon report mentioned in a recent Green Biz article calls climate change a “threat multiplier.” The report also identifies a host of global climate impacts, from resource competition to social tension and political instability. In addition, the military is reportedly preparing adaptation plans and actively making investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and […]

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The Art of War for Climate Action

by ecoAmerica’s Special Projects Director Judy Mills  While many American people view climate scientists as suspect, these same skeptics may stand at attention for our military’s concerns about climate change.  A June Gallup poll asking how much confidence our fellow citizens have in “institutions in American society” put the military at the top. Not only […]

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