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2013 Sees Rebound in Climate Coverage Worldwide

2013 saw a 30 percent uptick in stories about climate change issues from 2012, according to a recent analysis released by The Daily Climate. The analysis found 24,000 news articles, opinions and editorials in mainstream news outlets worldwide that had to do with climate change issues, up from 18,546 stories in 2012. The overall increase […]

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New York Times desk

New York Times’ climate coverage plummets

Climate coverage in The New York Times dropped dramatically last year, according to a recent analysis featured in Joanna Foster’s blog post on Climate Progress this week. But it wasn’t because there were fewer stories about climate to report on. It was because the The New York Times closed its environment desk, dismantled its Green Blog, […]

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Popular Science Upholds the Facts, Shuts Down Damaging Comments

Last week, the 141-year-old publication Popular Science announced it would no longer allow comments on articles and blogposts on its website. Online director Suzanne LaBarre writes in their announcement that anti-science online comments undermine the publication’s mission.   “A politically motivated, decades-long war on expertise has eroded the popular consensus on a wide variety of […]

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Al Jazeera America Takes Climate Change Seriously

A short item in Grist recently focused on the new Al Jazeera cable news network, pointing out that in the first day of being on the air, the network had already outpaced American cable news in climate change coverage over several months. The difference was quite large. (see story, below.)   But it isn’t just […]

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Google Climate Scientists Challenge Company’s Priorities

As the largest media company in the world, Google’s predilections regarding climate change come under understandable scrutiny. A 2012 study by researchers at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania found that Google search rankings and display  could impact political beliefs – including those on the believability of climate change.   Recently, Google has gotten […]

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Sandy’s Power Reduces Skeptics’ Power

When NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making statements such as, “Anyone who say’s there’s not a dramatic change in weather patterns, I think, is denying reality” while addressing the public on Sandy, you can almost feel the shift in action on climate in America. Suddenly, instead of climate change being untouchable public topic, multiple leaders […]

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Study: Major Media Isn’t Making the Climate Change Connection

This past July, media outlets regularly covered the recent heat waves that have overwhelmed a vast majority of our country, but they failed to make the connection to climate change. In fact, this study by Media Matters found only 8.7% of major television segments and 25.5% of print articles connected the dots between the heat […]

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Climate vs. Kardashian

Over the past year and a half, major American news outlets have chosen to feature the Kardashians over 40 times more often than ocean acidification. This Media Matters article discusses the potential danger of the news media pandering to the public’s current entertainment interests versus informing them on important issues that will personally affect them. […]

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The Media and Politics Drive American Concern. Neither Is Helping Climate Change.

According to a recent report on U.S. concern on climate change, a brief message of science will have little effect on people’s level of concern. Instead, the report says, most Americans build care on issues only based on current events and party lines — both being areas climate change struggles in. The findings of the […]

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Republicans’ Trust In Biased Media Warps Perception on Climate Change

A new study confirmed the long-held belief Fox News is extremely biased against the scientific consensus on climate. Another finding, that Republicans are more influenced by cable news than Democrats, further explains the influence on denial. Climate truth communicators must strategize how to counteract the conservative cable news denial messaging.  Read the full article from […]

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