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Solutions-Focused U.N. Climate Report Received Least Media Coverage

Media coverage of the third U.N. climate report, which focused on solutions, was the lowest among the U.N.’s three climate reports released over the last eight months, according to a new Media Matters analysis. The third report received only about a quarter of the coverage of the first report, which focused on scientific evidence.   […]

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NBC Ramps Up Climate Coverage With Hour-Long Special

Broadcast network NBC aired an hour-long special on climate change earlier this month, according to a recent Media Matters article. In the special, titled “Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home,” host Ann Curry focuses on the ways in which climate change has been felt across the U.S. over the past year, […]

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Fox News Only Covers Climate When It’s Cold

A Media Matters analysis recently featured in Salon reveals that Fox News’ climate coverage is heavily driven by weather patterns. In other words, Fox only covers climate when it’s cold. According to the analysis, Fox covered climate change nine times during the polar vortex cold spell between Jan. 2 and Jan. 8 of this year, […]

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2013 Sees Rebound in Climate Coverage Worldwide

2013 saw a 30 percent uptick in stories about climate change issues from 2012, according to a recent analysis released by The Daily Climate. The analysis found 24,000 news articles, opinions and editorials in mainstream news outlets worldwide that had to do with climate change issues, up from 18,546 stories in 2012. The overall increase […]

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New Report: 96% of Nightly News Segments on Extreme Weather Don’t Mention Climate Change

Most major American TV stations seldom mention climate change in their coverage of extreme weather events, according to a new survey released by the the media criticism group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). The survey, covered in a recent Think Progress article, analyzed news segments covering hurricanes, drought, wildfires, floods and heat waves from […]

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New York Times’ climate coverage plummets

Climate coverage in The New York Times dropped dramatically last year, according to a recent analysis featured in Joanna Foster’s blog post on Climate Progress this week. But it wasn’t because there were fewer stories about climate to report on. It was because the The New York Times closed its environment desk, dismantled its Green Blog, […]

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A rescue worker carries a young girl to safety from flood waters brought on by Hurricane Sandy in Little Ferry

Don’t Let Climate Urgency Fade Away With Sandy

Due to Sandy, the topic of climate has been getting media coverage recently, but in this article Amy Luers warns that as the disaster fades from the headlines, climate change concern may dissipate. To avoid this outcome, Luers suggests focusing on human hope and perseverance when reflecting on Sandy. We all want to leave a […]

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