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Engaging the Public on Climate [VIDEO]

NOAA’s recent posting of a video short course and lecture series on climate change included a lecture by Matthew Nisbet titled Climate Change Communication: Focusing on Public Engagement. In the video, Nisbet discusses public perception and understanding on climate, why the discourse on the issue has gone off-track, and how the climate message can better […]

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Communication Experts Advise How to Stop Declining of American Concern on Climate Change

Scientists and media leaders recently gathered together to discuss why Americans’ prioritization of mitigating climate change has been dropping and what can be done to reverse this trend. Solutions recommended by panelists included asking scientists to talk directly to the public using new communication methods that are popular with Americans (e.g. Twitter) and framing action […]

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Climate Shift: Controversy and Teachable Moment

by Meighen Speiser   There's a movement bubbling up among the movement — to analyze where we've made mistakes in our efforts to affect policy on climate.  From grasstops to grassroots, media, and even ecoAmerica's own America the Best conference, the movement is considering a few common questions:  1) What happened?  Why didn’t we pass […]

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At Politico, Rating Enviros' Strategy on Oil Spill

At Politico, Rating Enviros’ Strategy on Oil Spill

Matthew Nisbet, Framing Science, and Politico analyze the way that the environmental movement has responded to the oil spill, and in particular, to Obama's handling of the disaster. Nisbet explains that enviros are generally letting the mainstream news media do the work of communicating the need for action and accountability. The point is made and […]

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