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The Importance of Visuals in Making Climate Change Personal

The climate movement lost a key player yesterday. As the Mashable article below reports, award-winning environmental photographer Gary Braasch died while documenting the effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef.   Braasch was a passionate campaigner for climate action, and his “before and after” photos offered some of the earliest visual evidence of […]

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Climate Change Myths

The Truth Behind 6 Common Climate Change Myths

From President Obama, to the Pope, to the Surgeon General, prominent leaders are raising their voices about the need for climate action. Yet, the facts about climate change are still widely misunderstood, or too often brushed aside as hype. To motivate people to action and engage them on solutions, it’s important to make them aware […]

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Why Do You Care About Climate Change? How Making It Personal Can Drive People to Action

Climate change can seem overwhelmingly big and abstract – though people increasingly believe it’s happening, many still feel it’s a distant threat. To be motivated to take action, people need a personal connection with the issue, some moment of illumination that says, “This is important to me, now.” In Grist magazine, David Roberts called it […]

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