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Connecting with Trump on Climate

Donald Trump can make history on climate change – either by reversing years of steady progress, or by moving us forward to a new energy future that accomplishes what he seeks to do with American economic growth and at the same time moves us forward on climate solutions.   All indications are that he is […]

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Christiana Figueres: Achieving the Promise of Paris

When the Paris climate agreement was signed last December, climate advocates everywhere were euphoric. For the first time, the world was united in the climate fight and the commitment to a low-carbon future. Now comes the real challenge – turning those commitments into action.   In this Q & A, Christiana Figueres, who as UN […]

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What Climate Communicators Can Learn From Christiana Figueres

Last December, U.N. Climate Chief Christiana Figueres helped bring about what she herself once said was impossible – a global agreement to fight climate change. On February 19, Figueres announced that, after six years in the role, she will be stepping down. She will leave behind not only a formidable legacy, but a legion of […]

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Governors From 17 States Commit to a Clean Energy Future

The transition to a low-carbon economy in America seems more inevitable every day. This week, a bipartisan coalition of governors from 17 states pledged to expand clean energy, update grids to integrate wind and solar generation, and reduce carbon emissions from transport. As The Guardian reports here, the accord states that the U.S. must “embrace […]

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Why the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Clean Power Plan Won’t Stop the Clean Energy Revolution

Last week, the Supreme Court stunned supporters of climate action by temporarily freezing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. The ruling could be setback for the EPA and for America’s contribution to the Paris climate agreement. But as this Washington Post article argues, it doesn’t mean an end to the transition to clean energy. The Clean […]

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How to Finance the Global Transition to Clean Energy

Last December in Paris, the world reached a groundbreaking and profoundly important agreement to rein in global carbon emissions. Now that the confetti has been swept away, we’re faced with the challenge of how to pay for the needed transformation.   According to this new report, the world’s financial markets have adequate funds to pay […]

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The Clean Energy Economy: Not If, But When

The Paris Climate Agreement has set the world on an inevitable path towards a low-carbon economy. The question is no longer whether this transformation will take place, but how quickly – and who will step up to accelerate clean energy to the levels we need to meet the Paris goals.   In this Huffington Post […]

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Why 2016 May Be the Best Year Yet for Climate Action

In recent weeks, we’ve highlighted the many achievements and breakthroughs that made 2015 such a monumental year for the climate movement. Now, it’s time to look forward to 2016 – and as the Environmental Defense Fund’s Fred Krupp points out here, we may see progress advance even more rapidly in the coming months.   2015 […]

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University of California Announces 10 Solutions for Fighting Climate Change on a Global Scale

Climate solutions can come from any sector – especially when the best minds within a sector put their talents to the task. This week, researchers at the University of California issued a report presenting 10 practical solutions that can address climate change both in the short-term and long-term. The report emphasizes that the effects of […]

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6 Reasons to Be Optimistic About Solving Climate Change

One of the best tools we have as climate communicators is optimism. To build support for solutions, it’s important to demonstrate that we have the resources to address this challenge, and that there is still time to protect the planet if we take action now. A recent article in New York Magazine helps explain why […]

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