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3 Important Lessons From the Keystone XL Victory

In a very big year for climate action, one of the most significant climate achievements was the defeat of the Keystone XL pipeline.   After seven years of wrangling with the oil industry and politicians, Americans won a major climate victory when President Obama vetoed the Keystone pipeline this year. What lessons can we learn […]

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Putting Best Practices into Action: Aquariums & Climate Change Engagement

Climate communicators have an abundance of communication and engagement guidance at their fingertips. From research and tips delivered through Climate Access, the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED), ecoAmerica, or others, there is a plethora of resources on how to effectively talk about and engage people on climate. The exciting part comes in actually […]

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Communicating through Photography: Local Impacts of Rising Seas

A climate change engagement program along the California coast is using the arts to move residents on climate by asking them to photograph the highest tides of their region and share them online. The California King Tides Initiative, inspired by similiar projects in Florida, New York, and Australia and Canada as well, was started in […]

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