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Heavy snow in Buffalo

Political Affiliation Affects How People Perceive Extreme Weather

Weather events like unseasonably warm days or epic snowstorms should be a convincing argument for climate change. But according to a new study in Nature Climate Change, how people perceive the weather has a lot to do with their political beliefs. Respondents were polled in March 2012, just after an unusually warm winter. As outlined […]

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Tommy G. Thompson  of  New Bern, NC disputes scientific climate change data for sea level rise in NC

Deepening Understanding to Drive Action: Climate, Conservatism, and Culture

It’s hardly news that climate change is a highly polarized political issue. Liberals tend to support action, while conservatives tend to defend business as usual. But what’s at the root of these differences? This article, published in the German news publication Der Spiegel, suggests the answer may not just be politics, but the cultural differences […]

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Scientist proves conservatism and belief in climate change aren't incompatible

Scientist proves conservatism and belief in climate change aren’t incompatible

In this article by Neela Banerjee, she features politically conservative scientists speaking against the popular Republican “agenda of denial” philosophy on climate change.  They describe climate change as fact, and not a subjective ideological topic or politically dividing, debatable issue.  They make the case that all Americans need to address it together. (more…)

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"Hands Across the Sand" Offshore Drilling Protest - Was it a success?

“Hands Across the Sand” Offshore Drilling Protest – Was it a success?

In a recent article in The New Republic, Jonathan Cohn assesses the turnout from the recent "Hands Across the Sand" an international offshore drilling protest that took place last Saturday, June 26th. He asserts that the turnout was relatively small, especially with respect to the recent oil spill. Cohn uses this example as an indication […]

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