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To Give Life to the Paris Climate Agreement, Connect on Personal Values

As 150 governments including 40 heads of state are expected to join together in a signing ceremony at the United Nations this Friday for the Paris climate accord, I was privileged to spend time this weekend with a number of the faith leaders who helped generate the momentum that brought this agreement to reality.   […]

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7 Tips for Telling Better Climate Change Stories

A big part of our mission here at ecoAmerica is discovering and sharing the most effective climate change messages. We use social science and marketing research to find out what approaches resonate best with average Americans. This Grist article echoes many of the best practices we recommend.   Rather than calling out someone as a […]

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Are Your Visuals Undermining Your Climate Message?

The power of an image to engage and inspire people is enormous – but if you don’t choose the right visual, you run the risk of alienating rather than appealing to your audience. For example, polar bears were once the poster children for climate change – who doesn’t want to help an adorable polar bear, […]

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New Research: 4 Top Messages for Strengthening Support for Climate Solutions

Last week, we released our latest research report, Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans. Along with Lake Research Partners, ASO Communications, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, ecoAmerica has developed market-tested messages designed to engage Americans on climate solutions.   Our research revealed four clear communication themes that help link climate change to mainstream […]

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New Research: Messages to Help You Start a New Conversation on Climate

Did you know that 71% of Americans believe that climate change is happening, but 68% believe that it’s risky to admit their view on the issue if different from their friends and family? Why aren’t Americans talking about climate change? Might it be because we’ve been talking about it in ways that seem risky, scary, […]

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How to Talk About Climate Change at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is spending time with my family, especially extended family members whom I don’t get to see often enough. Our time together includes the usual Thanksgiving traditions – eating specially prepared food (I’m bringing my signature apple pie this year), watching football, and taking a walk between the main […]

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