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Energy Freedom race car

“Energy Freedom”: Your Family–Your Choice

NASCAR fans are focusing their attention on clean energy. At the heart of their interest is consumer choice and family values. Leah Missbach Day, a clean energy enthusiast and an ecoAmerica Board member, seized an opportunity to amplify this message on the racetrack when she met Leilani Münter at Chicago Speedway. Leilani was racing for […]

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Greensburg, KS

Turning a Disaster Into a Green-Energy Breakthrough

When a massive tornado destroyed 95 percent of Greensburg’s buildings in 2007, the residents had a choice – to rebuild the town that had been, or to embrace a brighter future. Mayor Bob Dixson, now one of our Path to Positive Communities leaders, brought the town together through a Public Square process – 400 to […]

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Energy Freedom

The Unlikely Merging of Sustainability and Auto Racing

When elections roll around, NASCAR fans are often touted as a symbol of mainstream America. So it’s heartening to discover that this demographic is actually quite eco-friendly – according to a NASCAR poll, 80 percent of fans believe in climate change and 2 out of 3 support personal climate action.   As NASCAR driver Leilani […]

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