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Day 2: ecoAmerica in Paris – Latino Leaders on Democratizing the Climate Process

The grand postmodern hall in the “Order of the Architects of the Isle of France,” a stately building near the gare de l’est train station in Paris, is abuzz with a language that is not French. This is a gathering to celebrate U.S. Latino and Latin American leadership on climate change at the Paris climate talks. Spanish rules. […]

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Hispanics and climate

Why Climate Change Is Such an Important Issue for Hispanics

As a recent New York Times/Stanford poll found, climate change is becoming an increasingly big concern for all Americans. But a deeper dive into the survey showed that concern is highest among Hispanics. This New York Times article explains that Hispanics are more likely to feel climate change affects them personally, and more likely to support […]

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Why Are Latinos So Ahead of the Curve on Climate?

Recent polling indicates that Latinos in the United States tend to index far and above the general American population in their support for climate action. But what exactly is it about Latinos that makes them support action on climate in such high numbers? Javier Sierra sets out to answer that question in this recent Huffington […]

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New Poll: Nine in 10 Latinos Support Action on Climate

Nine in 10 Latino voters favor taking action on climate change, according to poll results released last week by the NRDC and the polling firm Latino Decisions. The poll, which was recently featured in this Climate Progress article, found that 75 percent of Latinos said that it was “very to extremely important” for the government […]

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[Survey] Latinos Show Concern About Conservation Issues

California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund in partnership with through Tulchin Research conducted a in-depth statewide survey among 500 Latino voters in California to better understand their attitudes toward various conservation issues. The survey found 90% of Latino voters agree that we can “protect the environment and create jobs at the same time” and […]

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Latino Opinion On the Environment (Good News)

In follow-up to their 2008 survey, project New America partnered with Sierra Club and National Council of La Raza (NCLR) to conduct a nationwide study of Latino voters’ opinions on various environment issues. The results characterize Latinos as strong environmental advocates, leading above the general American public. For example, 77% believe climate change is already […]

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