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Hurricanes, Gender & Climate Change

New research indicates that hurricanes with female names kill more people than hurricanes with male names, according to a recent article in The Washington Post. The reason? People interpret the severity of female- and male-named storms differently. In general, people perceive hurricanes with female names to be less risky, and thus take fewer precautions than […]

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River Thames Floods West Of London Threatening Thousands Of Homes

Can Extreme Weather Build Support for Climate Solutions?

Some climate advocates have been quick to identify extreme weather as a no-brainer tool to build support for climate solutions. Yet a new research report released this month by the Climate Outreach & Information Network (COIN) reveals that the story is more complicated than that. Extreme weather events — such as hurricanes, wildfires, and floods […]

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New Study: Natural Disasters Play A Significant Role in Americans’ Climate Opinions

A new study featured in Business Wire reveals that 57 percent of Americans cite natural disasters as being highly influential in shaping their climate opinions. The study, conducted by business communications firm Gibbs & Soell, also found that water scarcity is increasingly on Americans’ minds. Just under half of Americans say they’re more concerned about […]

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