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Following the Polling on Global Warming

by Bob Perkowitz  Just like the rest of the planet, America is heating up. So far this year we are seeing nine new record high temperatures for every record low. Some of those new record high temperatures are literally frightening, smashing old all-time records by 30 degrees or more. Even as they continue to deny […]

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A helicopter releasing water in the forest behind a neighborhood west of the United States Air Force Academy near the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado. (Source: Reuters)

The Arrival of Change

Maybe “what is to come” didn’t work, but “it is here” gets Americans’ attention. 41 heat records have been broken or tied this past week in Western America, with the inclusion of high temperatures and scorching wildfires in areas prominently around Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska. People are taking notice, and want to know why this […]

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