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New ecoAmerica Report Finds Climate Change Will Have Broad Psychological Effects

ecoAmerica is proud to announce our newest research report, Beyond Storms and Droughts: The Psychological Impacts of Climate Change. This report, co-produced with the American Psychological Association, chronicles the likely psychological impacts of climate change, from stress, anxiety and depression to increases in violence and aggression, to the loss of community identity.   The report […]

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Climate Change’s Newest Public Ambassadors? Nurses

As the climate changes, nurses have been on the frontlines seeing the health impacts of extreme weather, increased allergens and asthma rates, increasing vector ranges, and the resultant strain on our healthcare infrastructure. There are over three million nurses in the U.S., working in a variety of settings including communities, schools, workplaces, and health care […]

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Climate Change: It’s All About the Framing

Poll after poll indicates that climate change is not a top priority for most Americans. Concerns over the economy, healthcare, and the deficit continue to occupy the top of Americans’ lists of priorities, while climate change remains at the near bottom. Yet if climate change were reframed in these polls — and in the larger […]

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A man walks along the dried-up the banks

5 Ways Americans Are Already Feeling the Effects of Climate Change

Tales of how climate change is already affecting the United States usually focus on extreme weather. But the impacts stretch far wider than that. A recent article in Politico identifies four major areas, in addition to weather, that climate change is already affecting. This short-and-sweet list of impacts can provide useful material for climate communicators […]

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New Supreme Court Ruling Paves the Way for Climate-Health Connections

A landmark new Supreme Court ruling may pave the way for stronger connections between climate and health. The ruling, which was made earlier this week, allows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate smog from coal plants that drift across state lines. According to a New York Times article, the decision suggests a high likelihood […]

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Communicating the Health and Climate Connection

One key strategy for communicating effectively about climate change involves connecting climate change to issues that resonate with people’s values and priorities. One connection that is sometimes mentioned but rarely discussed in detail is the link between climate change and health.   This recent Scientific American article provides a synopsis of some of the major […]

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Why CVS’ ‘No Smokes’ Decision is a Big Deal for CSR

Drugstore giant CVS Caremark turned heads earlier this month when it announced that it would stop selling tobacco products, despite the fact that the decision is expected to cost the company $2 billion in annual sales. It’s a landmark decision for healthcare and retail. But what does it mean for corporate social responsibility? A lot, […]

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How to Break the Silence on Climate Change

For many people, climate change is something you just don’t talk about. Like politics or religion, it’s a controversial topic that many people would rather bypass entirely rather than tiptoe around. But thankfully, communications research over the years has generated a series of insights that can help us talk about this sometimes taboo topic. In […]

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The Latest Impact of Climate Change? Mental Health.

Rarely do people talk about the health impacts that are expected to result from climate change – things like increased asthma and higher rates of vector-borne diseases. Even more rare is discussion about the mental health impacts of climate change. What’s likely to happen to our psyches as the planet warms and extreme weather multiplies? […]

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New Poll: Nine in 10 Latinos Support Action on Climate

Nine in 10 Latino voters favor taking action on climate change, according to poll results released last week by the NRDC and the polling firm Latino Decisions. The poll, which was recently featured in this Climate Progress article, found that 75 percent of Latinos said that it was “very to extremely important” for the government […]

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