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Children Need a Strong Clean Power Plan

As a pediatrician, I take care of kids. I help keep them healthy by diagnosing illness, protecting them from injury and counseling their parents on the challenges of parenting. But while I can vaccinate against meningitis or treat asthma, there are some risks to my patients I cannot control.   Changes in our climate are […]

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Harvard Study: Carbon Pollution Impairs Cognitive Function

This year, we’ve seen multiple studies and reports about the effect of climate change on public health. We’ve discussed how it can affect mental health as well, and the American Academy of Pediatrics just published a statement saying that children are especially vulnerable to climate impacts. Now, a new study from the Harvard School of […]

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New Harvard Study Highlights Health Benefits of Clean Energy

When the White House launched the EPA’s new Clean Power Plan last month, they released a fact sheet showing how the plan would improve public health. A new study from Harvard University backs up those claims. As Climate Central explains in this article, the study found that energy efficiency and use of clean energy could […]

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What Really Motivates People to Save Energy?

Would you unplug some of your appliances to save a few dollars? According to a recent study, maybe not. But if you knew how much doing so would improve public health, there’s a good chance you’d reach for the cord.   When it comes to climate solutions, people are motivated by many things besides saving […]

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