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18 State Attorneys General Form Historic Coalition to Defend Clean Power Plan

Earlier this week, the Obama Administration fought back against opponents of the Clean Power Plan, filing a brief with the D.C. Circuit Court that called the plan “eminently reasonable.” The following day, attorneys general from 18 states and the District of Columbia announced their support of the plan, telling the court that “the rule properly incorporates […]

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New poll-half of Republicans support carbon limits

More Republicans Are Embracing Climate Solutions

Climate change has long been considered a partisan issue, but that seems to be changing. In a recent poll from Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and Yale University, half of all Republicans surveyed said they believe carbon dioxide pollution should be regulated. And nearly half said the U.S. should lead the fight against […]

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U.S. Mayors Act to Support New Carbon Regulations

U.S. mayors have established themselves as national and international leaders in the effort to fight global warming. Since having formed the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (MCPA) in 2007, which has now been signed by more than 1,000 mayors, hundreds of U.S. cities have made good on their mayors’ promises to apply the goals of the […]

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New Poll: 70% of Americans Support Regulating Carbon Pollution From Power Plants

Polling results released Tuesday show that 70 percent of Americans support regulating carbon and other greenhouse gas pollution from power plants. The joint Washington Post – ABC News poll, which was recently featured in The Washington Post, found that 78 percent of Democrats, 69 percent of Independents, and 63 percent of Republicans say that the […]

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Climate Inaction: Humanity’s Largest Mistake

From dust bowls to direct health impacts, new data indicates many negative consequences of climate change on Americans that will continue to worsen in the coming decades if we do not dramatically reduce our rate of greenhouse gas emissions. Continuing business as usual, leading to a 132% increase in emissions by 2050, may be humanity’s […]

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Connecting People

Cities Unify to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The world’s largest cities are coming together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by launching two new C40 initiatives: 1) a peer-to-peer learning network that assists cities in reducing methane emissions through solid waste management, and; 2) a web platform that allows all participants to publically share their best and most effective sustainable practices through the […]

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C40 Shows How Cities Can Lead on Climate Change Solutions

The C40 has set realistic plans to provide cities’ citizens the opportunity to redefine how they produce and consumer energy, including transportation efficiency, measurement of gas emissions, and collaborative solar purchasing between businesses. Cities are responsible for more than 80% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.   Posted 6.13.2011 by World Resources Institute by Manish […]

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