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Speed Dating for Climate Solutions

I recently had coffee with my newly single friend who filled me in on her speed dating and on-line matchmaking adventures. As it turns out, speed dating is not just about meeting new romantic partners these days. San Diego Students for Sustainability, based at San Diego State University, used the speed dating technique to help […]

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Power to the People: M.I.T tells Obama He Must Change Course on Climate

After people vote for their preferred presidential candidate, it’s easy for them to think their task is done and believe power is transferred to the right elected leader. But politicians are working for the people, and if the people don’t agree with a politician’s choice, they have a right to demand better. That is just […]

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Clean Energy Does Create New and Better Jobs, but Many Americans Don’t Know It

Clean energy is creating new and better jobs for the US, but conservative media is preventing many Americans from understanding this fact.   Read more about this topic in the below article from Climate Progress.   Green Jobs Reality Check: Clean Energy Still Means More and Better Jobs for American Workers by Adam James, Jorge […]

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Hype Aside, ‘Green Jobs’ Are For Real

With growing public favor, market support, and new government mandates for green energy education and operation, the future growth of green jobs is undeniable. An IHS Global Insight report stated, “[Green jobs] could be the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy.” ecoAmerica‘s SEED Center is recognized in this CNBC article as a leader in […]

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Making Green Jobs Real

Green jobs are happening, and finding them has just gotten easier with the launch of GreenCareers, a collaborative effort between ecoAmerica, MonsterTRAK, and Environmental Defense. But more importantly, GreenCareers is part of a broader strategy to engage “environmentally agnostic” Americans in demanding greater innovation in environmental protection. (more…)

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