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ossil fuel industry supports climate action

New Survey: Oil and Gas Industry Insiders Are Concerned About Climate Change

Here’s some news you might not expect – the fossil fuel industry has joined the majority of Americans in expressing support for government action on climate change. In a recent survey of oil and gas industry insiders, nearly 59 percent of respondents said they were extremely or very sure that climate change is happening – […]

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environmental protection

New Gallup Poll Reports That 82% of Americans Want the Same or More Environmental Protection

Close to half of Americans want the government to do more to safeguard the environment, and they favor environmental protections over energy development, according to two recent Gallup polls. 48 percent feel too little is being done, while 34 percent are in agreement with the current amount of protection. And 49 percent feel the environment […]

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Is Political Support for Climate Action on the Rise?

Though more and more Americans say they want clean energy and government action on climate change, will they vote for it in 2016? According to a new Washington Post / ABC News poll, climate may be a growing priority for voters – 59 percent said they favor a presidential candidate who wants to fight climate […]

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