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Americans Are More Concerned About Clean Energy Than Climate Change

New polling results released this month indicate that far more Americans are concerned about clean energy than global warming. According to the poll, which was conducted by the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University and the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, 61 percent of Americans say developing new sources of energy […]

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Moms Coming Together to Fight Climate Change

Today we’re sharing a story about Mothers Out Front, a climate change action group in Massachusetts that held its kickoff over the weekend. Founded by Kelsey Wirth (daughter of former Senator Timothy Wirth, who sponsored the first hearings on climate change 25 years ago) and Vanessa Rule of A Better Future Project, the group is engaging […]

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Better the Skeptic You Know… A Skeptic’s Mindset

In this new article by former global warming skeptic and publisher of “Skeptic” Magazine, Michael Shermer gives insight into the mind of a skeptic. Shermer expands upon his 2010 TED speech, encouraging skepticism appreciation. He challenges that skepticism is not necessarily a negative factor; instead, it just represents reasonable caution before receiving enough proof of […]

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Power to the People: M.I.T tells Obama He Must Change Course on Climate

After people vote for their preferred presidential candidate, it’s easy for them to think their task is done and believe power is transferred to the right elected leader. But politicians are working for the people, and if the people don’t agree with a politician’s choice, they have a right to demand better. That is just […]

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Sportsmen Prioritize Conservation Over Fossil Fuel Development [Poll]

In a poll conducted for the National Wildlife Federation, 2 out of 3 self-identified hunters and anglers said they believe that our society is morally obligated to confront climate change. Although the sportsmen polled had a mix of political affiliations that weighted on the conservative side (42% Republican, 32% Independent, 18% Democrat), a strong majority […]

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Following the Polling on Global Warming

by Bob Perkowitz  Just like the rest of the planet, America is heating up. So far this year we are seeing nine new record high temperatures for every record low. Some of those new record high temperatures are literally frightening, smashing old all-time records by 30 degrees or more. Even as they continue to deny […]

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The Growing List of Personal Things Climate Change May Ruin

From the common concern: rising sea level that will take homes, to the less conventional: wine tasting, Green Huff Post outlines 30 things that “climate change just might ruin.” The public is adding to the list; Twitterers are posting their own concerns under the label #ClimateChangeRuins. This is an unique engagement campaign that brings forth […]

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A helicopter releasing water in the forest behind a neighborhood west of the United States Air Force Academy near the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado. (Source: Reuters)

The Arrival of Change

Maybe “what is to come” didn’t work, but “it is here” gets Americans’ attention. 41 heat records have been broken or tied this past week in Western America, with the inclusion of high temperatures and scorching wildfires in areas prominently around Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska. People are taking notice, and want to know why this […]

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What Do Americans Really Believe About Climate Change? [Infographic]

Using the results of the recent Pew Research Center survey on Americans’ viewpoints on global warming, ThomasNet News created an infographic that visually depicts current American sentiment on climate, the political divide on climate, and how the public’s perception on global warming has changed since 2006. The highly-visual presentation of these rather disappointing numbers offers […]

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American Priorities Report: Global Warming Concern Drops 13% Over Five Years, Partisan Divide on Environment

2011 marked another year for decline in support on the environment. The latest Pew report on public priorities states, “No issue divides partisans more than the environment.” Global warming, while more heavily prioritized by Democrats, has drastically and consecutively fallen in the past five years — to the bottom of the list of American priorities.  […]

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