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Why the Partisan Divide on Climate Change Is Shrinking (And How to Make It Even Smaller)

Over the last few months, concern and awareness about climate change have been steadily increasing. Whatever your politics, it’s difficult to stay skeptical when monthly and yearly temperatures keep shattering records.   This week, a new study was released showing that climate acceptance among Republican voters has nearly doubled over the past few years. The […]

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Study: Physicians Have a Unique Opportunity to Shape Climate Opinions

Health professionals have been aware of the public health impacts of climate change for some time now. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention devoted their December 2014 Grand Rounds to the topic, the Lancet published a report about the risks of climate change last June, and the Surgeon General urged climate action at the […]

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Over 90% of TV Weathercasters Now Accept the Reality of Climate Change

Acceptance of climate change and awareness of climate impacts has increased dramatically among TV weathercasters. According to a new survey from the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, over 90 percent of TV weathercasters have concluded that climate change is happening (versus 54 percent in 2010), and almost 90 percent believe humans are […]

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Why Clear, Simple Messages Are the Key to Better Climate Understanding

The overwhelming majority of scientists believe that climate change is happening and caused by humans. However, many Americans remain unaware of that fact. Why is that? It might be that the term “overwhelming majority” is too vague. In a recent study by researchers at George Mason University, specific numbers (in this case, 97.5 percent) worked […]

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Yale Study - Public Perceptions of Health Consequences of Global Warming

What Americans Need to Know About Climate Change and Health

As this month’s CDC Grand Rounds made clear, health leaders are increasingly concerned about the health impacts of climate change. However, most Americans don’t yet share those concerns.   A recent study by Yale and George Mason University found that only one in three Americans think climate change is currently harming people, and only one […]

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New Research: How to Move Americans on Climate

Poll results just released by the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University and the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication reveal a host of new findings about Americans’ climate attitudes and beliefs. While these findings provide valuable information to policymakers and advocates about where America is on climate, they can also guide […]

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Supermajorities of Americans Now Support Action on Climate Change

The definition of a supermajority is a variable amount greater than a majority used in voting – most often three-fifths or two-thirds (60 or 66 percent.) According to the newest poll data release by the Yale/George Mason Climate Change Communications process, if Americans could now vote on energy policy, support for renewables (87 percent) , […]

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New Report on American Action: What Individuals Are Saying and Doing About Climate Change

From sustainable brand support to willingness to talk to peers with differing opinions on climate change, the new survey Climate Change in the American Mind – conducted by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication — reports on what actions Americans are taking, or not […]

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