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Understanding (and Transcending) the Behavioral Challenges to Addressing Climate Change

When faced with the realities of climate change, some people are inspired to fight it. Others deny it exists. And still others acknowledge it exists, but don’t want to think about it. Why? It has to do with the human brain’s normal response to fear, feelings of powerless, and the perceived threat of giving up […]

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9 Best Practices for Engaging the Public on Climate-Related Flood Risks

Climate change is causing more frequent and intense flooding in many parts of the world. A peer-reviewed study linked warming temperatures to the devastating floods that happened in Texas and Oklahoma this past May. As these events become more common, how can we engage the public about the risks and help them prepare for impacts? […]

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Could a More Evangelical Approach Help Convert People on Climate Change?

The term “climate believer” is often used to describe whether someone accepts that climate change is real. However, climate scientists generally prefer to steer away from the term “belief,” because it seems to imply that acceptance is based on faith rather than scientific evidence. But as George Marshall, co-founder of the Climate Outreach and Information […]

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5 Insights That Make Climate Communication Easier

The science on climate change is clear, the benefits of climate solutions are ever more apparent – so why is this subject still so hard to talk about? As this Huffington Post article explains, all too often climate communications are overwhelming, polarizing, and abstract. As a result, people tend to tune out. The article highlights […]

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Crafting New National Narratives On Climate Change

One of the biggest challenges climate communicators face is devising messages that resonate with a broad swath of the public. New research from the Climate Outreach & Information Network, however, suggests that framing climate change in terms of national identity and national values can be a powerful way to build support for solutions.   Interestingly, […]

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How To Hold a Conversation with Climate Change Deniers

UK climate activist George Marshall has made a video on how to talk to climate change deniers. This is just one tactic of many, but it’s an interesting method worth testing. When approaching the conversation, Marshall recommends finding commonalities to establish you as a peer and then think about how changing their views will be […]

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