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New ecoAmerica Guide: 15 Steps to Create Effective Climate Communications

Along with politics and religion, climate change is high on many people’s lists of “Topics to Avoid.” It can certainly be challenging to talk about, since the issue has become so highly polarized and partisan – but as global temperatures continue to rise and carbon in the atmosphere continues to increase, it’s more important than […]

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New Study: Political Identity Is the Strongest Indicator of Climate Acceptance

Though the partisan divide on climate change appears to be closing, whether or not someone accepts the reality of climate change still depends largely on their politics. A new analysis published in Nature Climate Change found that political affiliations and worldviews were the most reliable indicators of a person’s beliefs about climate change – more […]

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7 Tips for Telling Better Climate Change Stories

A big part of our mission here at ecoAmerica is discovering and sharing the most effective climate change messages. We use social science and marketing research to find out what approaches resonate best with average Americans. This Grist article echoes many of the best practices we recommend.   Rather than calling out someone as a […]

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The Art of Persuasion: Framing Climate Solutions in Terms of Personal Values

The political divide on climate change is closing – but it still exists. How can climate communicators get beyond partisanship and focus on solutions? One very effective technique is to put yourself in the shoes of your audience, and frame the issue in terms of the values they hold most dear.   As this New […]

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5 Effective Ways to Get People to Take Action on Climate Change

If you’re aware that climate change is a serious problem that requires immediate action, it can be hard to understand why not everyone feels that way. But rather than arguing with the unconvinced or piling on more scientific facts, the best way to reach people is to understand their psychology. This Co.Exist article offers five […]

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3 Ways to Improve Your Climate Conversations

As climate communicators, our goal is to get other people to care about the issue as much as we do. However, starting and maintaining a productive conversation can be challenging. This article from the 10:10 climate change campaign points out some reasons why – people may change the subject, or get defensive, or you end […]

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Weather Channel series - The Climate 25

New Weather Channel Series Makes the Conservative Case for Climate Action

For true audience engagement, the messenger is often just as important as (or even more important than) the message. A new series of videos about to be launched by the Weather Channel aims to engage their largely conservative audience by using voices they think their viewers would relate to.   As this Slate article explains, […]

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10 Psychological Insights That Will Improve Your Climate Communications

Why aren’t more people concerned about or actively fighting climate change? A big reason is human psychology.   A new article in Grist points out 10 qualities of human nature that can cause people to tune out or downplay climate messages. For example, people don’t respond to threats that seem distant or abstract, they tend to […]

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National Adaptation Forum

Upcoming Workshop: Rethinking Your Notions About Effective Climate Messaging

The National Adaptation Forum (NAF) will convene its second national convention in St. Louis, MO, from May 11 to 14, 2015.   Every other year, this forum gathers the growing adaptation community together to “foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and mutual support for a better tomorrow.” The 1,000 climate adaptation practitioners that are expected to attend […]

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Is “Eliminating Waste” the New “Energy Efficiency”?

What are people more concerned about – conserving energy, or wasting energy? For many businesses, the idea of eliminating waste is becoming more compelling than the notion of conservation.   According to the article below, companies still care about saving money through greater energy efficiency, but cost is no longer the only motivator. They want […]

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