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2014 Midterm Elections and Climate Action: The Good News

Though efforts were more coordinated and spending was higher than ever before, the results of the recent midterm elections were not what environmental groups hoped for. There were bright spots, however, and they showed that Americans do care about the environment and clean energy.   Voters in 19 states approved ballot measures amounting to more […]

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The Pope is Going Green (And Telling People, Too)

Pope Francis, who named himself after the patron saint of the environment and animals, already made something of a statement about his opinions on environmental issues when he held up an anti-fracking t-shirt last fall. But now, sources published in a Huffington Post article say the Pope is taking things one step further and writing […]

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The Art of Using Metaphors for Environmental Communication

When communicating difficult and/or new topics like climate change and fracking, developing simple metaphors with something used in the public’s everyday life can help people absorb the otherwise rather complicated information much easier.   NPR, AP Correspondents: Useful Climate, Fracking Metaphors Cross-post from Yale Climate Media Forum by Bud Ward The pursuit of the ‘perfect’ […]

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