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What Lower Gas Prices Reveal About Climate Action Attitudes

Gas prices in the U.S. have been on the decline for months now – the average price of gasoline is hovering around $2.14 per gallon, and in many parts of the country gas is well below $2 per gallon. What does this mean for climate action? As laid out in this article, lower gas prices […]

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More and More Churches Divest, Fueling the Moral Dimension of Climate Change

An increasing number of churches and religious organizations around the world are taking steps to divest their holdings in fossil fuels, according to a recent article in The New York Times. These organizations are part of a larger international effort to divest from fossil fuels, which so far includes more than $50 billion in assets. But religious […]

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Power to the People: M.I.T tells Obama He Must Change Course on Climate

After people vote for their preferred presidential candidate, it’s easy for them to think their task is done and believe power is transferred to the right elected leader. But politicians are working for the people, and if the people don’t agree with a politician’s choice, they have a right to demand better. That is just […]

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Understanding GOP’s Mind: How They “Justify” Fossil Fuels

In this article, David Roberts provides an interesting theory on why conservatives support fossil fuels, and other current states of power. Roberts believes conservatives follow “system justification”: they defend the status quo (e.g use of fossil fuels) of power because they believe it was earned and deserves top command.  Read the full article from Grist […]

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