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Episcopal Church Divests From Fossil Fuels on Moral Grounds

This week, leaders of the Episcopal church voted to rid their church holdings of fossil fuels, and reinvest in clean energy. This makes them the third major religious denomination in the U.S. to join the divestment movement – and the first to do so in response to Pope Francis’ recent climate encyclical. As this Guardian […]

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Savoring Pope Francis’ Encyclical: Refreshment for the Journey

Recently my friend Lisa Restrom, a co-founder of Divest-Invest Individual a movement of individual investors divesting from oil, gas, and coal and investing in the emerging new energy economy, inspired me, through her urging on Facebook, to read Pope Francis’ recent encyclical Laudato si on creation care and climate change. While I’d been reading the […]

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9 Inspiring Signs of Progress on the Climate Change Front

More and more people seem to be recognizing the seriousness of climate change and the need for action. That’s good news – but to keep people inspired and motivated, it’s important to emphasize not only what can be done, but what’s already being done to address climate change. This Huffington Post article by Seth Shulman, […]

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The Health, Moral, and Financial Reasons Why the Health Sector Should Divest from Coal

The call for the health sector to divest from fossil fuels keeps getting louder. We’ve discussed the public health argument before – since carbon pollution is already causing serious health impacts, fossil fuel investments go against the obligation of health professionals to protect the public. But as Gary Cohen, president of our Climate for Health […]

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What Can the Anti-Tobacco Movement Teach Us About Kicking Our Fossil Fuel Addiction?

A dangerous product that has millions of people addicted. A vast industry becoming enormously wealthy off this addiction. A powerful lobby spending fortunes to protect that industry. Does this sound familiar? Fifty years ago, Big Tobacco held much the same position of power and influence as the fossil fuel industry does today. The health sector, […]

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The Public Health Argument for Fossil Fuel Divestment

There are two primary reasons to divest from fossil fuels: they’re less and less profitable, and they cause more and more harm. The heath impacts of climate change are already clear – doctors around the world are noticing higher rates of asthma, allergies, vector-borne diseases, and certain types of cancer due to increased temperatures and […]

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Religious Groups Rally Pope Francis to Back Divestment

Multi-faith groups in the U.S. and Australia have submitted a letter to Pope Francis asking him to join the fossil fuel divestment campaign, according to an article published in The Guardian last week. The letter describes divestment as “a moral response to the climate crisis” and asks the Pope to “use his influence” to affect […]

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