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13 Resources to Help You Understand Pope Francis’ Climate Encyclical

Pope Francis’ aptly titled encyclical, Laudato Si (Praise Be) is finally here! The day we have all been waiting for is upon us and the document is in our hands. While many will spend the remainder of the day sifting through the edict, highlighting the key aspects of its content as they have with previous […]

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The Role of Conditioning in Climate Denial (and How to Reverse It)

People who accept – and especially people who are concerned about – climate change often have a hard time understanding how others can feel differently, especially in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence. This blog post by business consultant and evangelical Christian Dr. Scott Rodin offers some insights. Though he strongly believes that we have […]

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Could a More Evangelical Approach Help Convert People on Climate Change?

The term “climate believer” is often used to describe whether someone accepts that climate change is real. However, climate scientists generally prefer to steer away from the term “belief,” because it seems to imply that acceptance is based on faith rather than scientific evidence. But as George Marshall, co-founder of the Climate Outreach and Information […]

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