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What’s Climate Change Got to Do With Wildfires?

Two major wildfires burned in California this weekend — one in the Sacramento area and one near Yosemite. While no particular wildfire can be linked directly to climate change, evidence does suggest that climate change is playing a role in increasing the frequency and severity of wildfires around the country. How can climate communicators help […]

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A man walks along the dried-up the banks

5 Ways Americans Are Already Feeling the Effects of Climate Change

Tales of how climate change is already affecting the United States usually focus on extreme weather. But the impacts stretch far wider than that. A recent article in Politico identifies four major areas, in addition to weather, that climate change is already affecting. This short-and-sweet list of impacts can provide useful material for climate communicators […]

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NBC Ramps Up Climate Coverage With Hour-Long Special

Broadcast network NBC aired an hour-long special on climate change earlier this month, according to a recent Media Matters article. In the special, titled “Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home,” host Ann Curry focuses on the ways in which climate change has been felt across the U.S. over the past year, […]

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River Thames Floods West Of London Threatening Thousands Of Homes

Can Extreme Weather Build Support for Climate Solutions?

Some climate advocates have been quick to identify extreme weather as a no-brainer tool to build support for climate solutions. Yet a new research report released this month by the Climate Outreach & Information Network (COIN) reveals that the story is more complicated than that. Extreme weather events — such as hurricanes, wildfires, and floods […]

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New Study: Natural Disasters Play A Significant Role in Americans’ Climate Opinions

A new study featured in Business Wire reveals that 57 percent of Americans cite natural disasters as being highly influential in shaping their climate opinions. The study, conducted by business communications firm Gibbs & Soell, also found that water scarcity is increasingly on Americans’ minds. Just under half of Americans say they’re more concerned about […]

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Using Infographics to Communicate Climate Change

Despite what rumor will tell you, January wasn’t all frigid temperatures and polar vortexes. In fact, this January brought a mix of weather all over the world – extreme lows in some areas, extreme highs in others. Some regions received below-average precipitation, others had above-average precipitation. What was common across all regions, however, was extreme […]

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Want to Make a Case For Climate Solutions? Try Talking Insurance.

Most people don’t think twice about buying insurance for life’s unexpected catastrophes: health emergencies, house fires, car accidents, plane crashes. What people don’t think about, however, is buying insurance against climate change. As Duke Professor Emeritus Allen Frances writes in this recent Huffington Post column, that needs to change.   Sure, scientists haven’t been able […]

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How Cold Weather Impairs Our Climate Change Judgments

Psychologists have known for some time that people are more likely to accept climate change on hot days than cold ones. But new research published in the journal Nature Climate Change and featured in this Discovery News article helps to uncover the psychological mechanisms at play. Part of what’s going on, the research suggests, is […]

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New Report: 96% of Nightly News Segments on Extreme Weather Don’t Mention Climate Change

Most major American TV stations seldom mention climate change in their coverage of extreme weather events, according to a new survey released by the the media criticism group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). The survey, covered in a recent Think Progress article, analyzed news segments covering hurricanes, drought, wildfires, floods and heat waves from […]

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Sin and climate change denial – a theological exploration

In this Washington Post piece, Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, the former president of Chicago Theological Seminary, discusses climate change in theological terms: specifically, whether humans bear moral responsibility for extreme weather.   She explores the many aspects of sin in context of human responsibility, focusing on carbon pollution and climate change denial. Thistlethwaite also covers […]

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