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Health Leaders Elevate their Voices on Climate Solutions

As climate change accelerates, and continues to impact human well-being on many levels, healthcare leaders are elevating their voices and efforts on climate solutions.   The U.S. Climate and Health Alliance, formed by several partners in ecoAmerica’s MomentUs initiative, seeks to amplify the voices of the health sector on the importance of climate change policy […]

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Another Important Reason to Take Action on Climate Change: Our Kids

The poster child for climate change is often a polar bear – but maybe it should be a child. As EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy explains in a recent op-ed in The Huffington Post, children are especially vulnerable to health hazards caused by carbon pollution and warmer temperatures. McCarthy points out that our nation has a […]

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New MIT Study Makes the Health Case for Climate Solutions That Much Stronger

ecoAmerica research indicates that emphasizing the benefits of acting on climate is critical to building support for solutions. New research from MIT recently featured by Greenwire may make that just a little bit easier. MIT researchers found that the health benefits of common climate policies offset between 26 and 1,050 percent of their cost. The study, […]

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Former EPA Chiefs Weigh in on What’s Needed for Action on Climate

Four former Environmental Protection Agency chiefs came together last week to call for action on climate change, according to a recent article in The National Journal. The most newsworthy aspect of this story is clearly that all of the EPA heads served under Republican presidents. But also important to note is the former chiefs’ commentary […]

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How to Message the EPA’s New Carbon Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency’s new carbon regulations for power plants are arguably the most important action President Obama will make this term. Yet advocates are also keenly aware that the regulations are likely to be “fraught with political peril.” Defending them, thus, becomes all the more critical. According to a recent post by Jeff Cappella […]

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U.S. Mayors Act to Support New Carbon Regulations

U.S. mayors have established themselves as national and international leaders in the effort to fight global warming. Since having formed the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (MCPA) in 2007, which has now been signed by more than 1,000 mayors, hundreds of U.S. cities have made good on their mayors’ promises to apply the goals of the […]

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2.1 Million comments are delivered to EPA Assistant Administrator for Air Gina McCarthy. Photo: Josh Lopez

With Public Sentiment, Nothing Can Fail. Record-Breaking Public Support of EPA

Beating any prior record for public comments on a federal regulation, 2.1 million Americans submitted comments to support the EPA’s new carbon pollution standards. After the official collection of comments closed, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the EPA regulations. This shows that the American public, despite heavy opposition from deep-pocketed and politically-allied polluters such […]

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Empowering Americans with Info: An interactive, biggest-polluter map

Any individual can now know what greenhouse gasses are being emitted in their local community and who is responsible for the release of the pollutants within seconds, thanks to a public interactive map created by the EPA. Pollution culprits are being put on display and their level of impact is easy to distinguish and compare. […]

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What Happened to Freedom of Information in America?

by ecoAmerica’s Special Projects Director Judy Mills  I want to file a Freedom of Information Act request on behalf of the American people so they can get the facts they need and deserve about climate change.  Except, wait, that information is already on open offer from federal agencies like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]

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Lost Without Translation

by ecoAmerica’s Special Projects Director Judy Mills   In the United States Congress, “riders” are tricky little additions that catch rides on much bigger issues – kind of like fleas on a dog’s back – and threaten to take our entire nation “for a ride.”   Watch for these sneaky hitchhikers. When you discover them, […]

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