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Who Do You Trust on the Clean Power Plan: The Black Chamber of Commerce or the Climate Activists?

According the Obama administration, the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will save the average family $85 a year on their energy bills, save consumers $155 billion, and create tens of thousands of new jobs. But the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) has been saying the opposite. As this article from Inside Climate News reports, NBCC […]

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air pollution affects minorities

Why Fighting Climate Change Is a Fight for Civil Rights

The climate movement has often been painted as a battle between liberals and conservatives – but really, it’s a battle for basic human rights. As Martin Luther King III points out in this CNN opinion piece, we all have an equal right to clean air and water and healthy surroundings. Climate change threatens those rights […]

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Hillary Clinton

What Hillary Clinton’s Clean Energy Goals Could Mean for the Climate

According to the latest polls, voters want climate action and will expect their next president to address the issue head-on. Hillary Clinton clearly understands this, based on the aggressive clean energy goals she just announced. She wants the U.S. to get 33 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2027, and wants to see […]

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Support for clean energy

The Climate Disconnect Between Americans and Congress – and What to Do About It

In survey after survey, the message is clear – Americans want the government to support the expansion of clean energy, protection of public lands, and pollution controls. A new poll from Hart Research Associates found that 60 percent of voters strongly support setting limits on carbon emissions from power plants (and 82 percent are somewhat […]

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coal-fired power plant

Why Major Corporations Support the EPA Clean Power Plan

More and more companies are seeing the economic value of fighting climate change, and they want to make sure America takes action. That’s why 223 major corporations, including Kellogg’s and Starbucks, recently signed a letter in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule reducing carbon pollution from power plants.   As this USA TODAY […]

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