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Partisan Divide

How to Create a Non-Partisan Climate Message

When trying to inspire people to fight climate change, it seems like the obvious message would be, “Help protect our planet.” But in fact, that message can backfire – many people balk at being labeled as “environmentalist” or “green.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t support clean energy or care about pollution.   So […]

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Millenials & Green: Loving the Lifestyle, Lukewarm About the Label

Research released by the Pew Research Center earlier this month reveals that American millenials – who range in age from 18 to 33 – are a complicated bunch. Half call themselves political independents. All are “digital natives.” They also have a complicated relationship with environmentalism, says a new article by Grist Fellow Samantha Larson. Only […]

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Climate Change: Deeper Than Messaging

Humanitarianism, orienting values, and helping Americans find the path forward by ecoAmerica director Lisa Renstrom   Environmentalists have been trying to get people to understand, believe, and absorb the reality of climate change for decades. Americans have resisted. Why? Because an unstable climate is damn scary and to think that it is our fault is […]

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